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DUI Court

Eligibility Criteria for the DUI Court Program

The initial screening criteria includes the following:

The adult program has phases to complete.

Therapy and Group Information

The treatment component of the DUI program focuses on alcohol and drug education and addressing issues that could interfere with the recovery process. During Phase I participants attend Early Recovery Group (focused on understanding addictive disease and identifying personal triggers for use), Relapse Prevention Group (developing coping and relapse prevention skills) and Steps Group (personalizing spirituality and the recovery process). Phase II includes Relapse Prevention and MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) which is designed to elevate the participant’s moral reasoning and promote positive behavioral growth. In Phase III participants attend the Emotions Group which focuses on understanding the eight core emotions and learning to express those emotions in healthier ways. Throughout the program, participants are required to attend recovery support meetings such as AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, etc. in order to develop a strong support system for on-going sobriety. Family members are encouraged to participate in group and/or individual sessions. The primary goals of the DUI Court Program are to help restore the participant to a healthy, more productive life and to protect the community by reducing the potential for impaired driving.

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