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Drug Court New Phase Requirements

Phase One

All Phase One Participants: (minimum of two months/60 days)

Phase Two

All Phase Two Participants: (minimum of three months/90 days)

Phase Three

All Phase Three Participants: (minimum of three months/90 days)

 Phase Four

All Phase Four Participants: (minimum of 4 months/120 days)

  • Attend court every four weeks.
  • Attend one outside self-help support group meeting weekly.
  • Turn in journal entry at your court appearance.
  • Meet monthly with your Case Manager.
  • Random urine screen: minimum of two times per week.
  • Pay $50 a month on program fees.
  • Pay monthly on your Court Cost and Fines balance.
  • Attend group therapy weekly (Individual and family sessions as deemed necessary).
  • Develop a Discharge Plan with your Case Manager.
  • To successfully complete Phase Four, participants must have at least 120 days of consecutive negative urine screens, must have attended all group therapy sessions, and complete 90% of the self-help support group meetings. Participants must be gainfully employed and/or be attending an education program (unless excused to a disability by the team).

Phase Five

  • Aftercare if applicable: (maximum of six months/180 days)
  • Dependent upon the participant’s needs and/or staff’s recommendation.  Monthly program fee will be assessed to cover costs of drug screens for the month, and/or therapy sessions as deemed necessary.

Graduating from Recovery Court

  • When Phase Four is completed, the participant may be presented before the Judge to graduate from the program.
  • The participant is given a Graduation Questionnaire.  The participant will complete the Graduation Questionnaire and return this to their case manager.  The participant is also required to write out their graduation speech and attach it to their Graduation Questionnaire.
  • The participant will then appear before the Graduation Review Panel.  The Graduation Review Panel will determine if the participant is ready to graduate.
  • If the participant is appropriate for graduation, he/she will graduate at the next Graduation Ceremony or as determined by the court.

**For all new participants admitted to the Recovery Courts after November 5, 2015, (current Recovery Court participants encouraged) a mandatory community service/outreach project will be required. All participants must attend two separate community service/outreach days, totaling approximately eight hours of work, which will be scheduled approximately 10 times a year, and will take place on the last Friday of every month for a four hour period of time (i.e. 8-12 or 1-5). The participant may count the eight hours of community service towards their M.R.T. requirement.